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Vector Tiles


What is it

Vector tiles make huge maps fast while offering full design flexibility. The vector tile format is the vector data equivalent of raster image tiles for web mapping, with the strengths of tiling: optimized for caching, scaling, and serving map imagery rapidly.

When to use it

Use Vector Tiles when a large (within the millions) amount of geospasial (GeoJSON) data is needed to be rendered on a map.

How to learn it

There are various ways to learn how to use Vector Tiles, however they're highly dependant on the technology used. Vector Tiles can be divided into two problems: how to calculate the tiles and how to visualize the tiles. Under the assumption that Mapbox is used as a map, Deckgl provides a Mapbox Vector Tile Layer which does the visualization. When it comes to the vector tile calculations, the resulting tile must conform to the vector tile standards. There are various approaches involving the backend, however it can be done on the frontend as well using libraries like geojson-vt.