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What is it

On-call is how we ensure that our systems operate effectively 24/7, every day of the year.

On-call rotation

All production systems at Einride are covered by an on-call rotation, where at least one engineer is always ready to dive in and diagnose and manage production incidents.

In line with our principle of taking ownership, we aim for the on-call rotation for a system to be staffed with the same engineers that own and develop the system.

We are committed to prioritizing keeping production systems in good shape. We act quickly to remove unnecessary alerts and incidents are followed by a post mortem and a proper fix to avoid it happening again. Being alerted during on-call is the exception for things we can't predict - not a band aid for poor quality.


Being on-call at Einride is opt-in, and is compensated with an on-call addition for each day spent on-call. Most engineers with backend development experience eventually join the on-call rotation for the owned by their team.

When to use it

  • When launching a new production system, make sure that team ownership is clearly defined, so that your system is covered by an on-call rotation.

  • When an incident has occurred in production, the people first on the list to invite to the blameless postmortem are the members of the affected system's on-call rotation.

How to learn it

Talk to your closest manager to learn how to join the on-call rotation that operates your team's systems.