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Firebase Hosting


What is it

Firebase hosting is a part of the Firebase platform that enables production-grade hosting of web applications. Hosting comes with a CDN, an SSL certificate, and the ability to preview changes before deployment. It is also possible to add custom domains to your hosted Firebase application.

When to use it

Use Firebase hosting to host your web application. Use the Firebase CLI to create new deployments. You will need to create a new site in your Firebase project before being able to deploy your application.

Your CI/CD should be configured to deploy your application automatically and needs to have the role roles/firebase.admin. Here is an example of how to create a new deployment using the Firebase CLI with yarn:

yarn firebase --project my_gcp_project deploy --only hosting:my_firebase_hosting_site

Firebase Preview for your GitHub pull requests can be set up in your repository by following this tutorial.

How to learn it

To learn more about Firebase hosting, read this introduction and then follow the quickstart guide. To install and learn more about the Firebase CLI, read the documentation here. To learn how to set up Firebase Preview links for your GitHub repository, follow this tutorial and read the documentation for GitHub actions.