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Amplitude Experiment


What is it

Amplitude Experiment is a tool for implementing and controlling A/B testing and feature flags in a software. Amplitude provides several SDKs (Web and Go among them) and a user interface for controlling what users will have access to what features.

Some browsers (Firefox, Safari) and extensions (Adblockers) may block requests to Amplitude Experiment. It is therefore recommended to add a proxy or integrating Amplitude Experiments into your backend service. If you use a proxy, it is highly recommended to use Google Cloud API Gateway.

In order to get access to the Amplitude Experiment user interface, request access to this Google Group.

When to use it

If you need advanced feature flagging where you want to control feature releases to certain customers or users, it is recommended to use Amplitude over simpler if statements.

How to learn it

Go through the documentation to learn how to use their SDKs as well as user interface. There is an Einride Slack channel called #product-analytics-tracking for additional tips and support.