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Vertex AI


What is it

Vertex AI brings together Google Cloud services for building, maintaining and serving ML models under one API and UI. According to the documentaion Vertex AI can be used for the following tasks in the ML workflow:

  • Create a dataset and upload data.
  • Train an ML model on your data:
    • Train the model
    • Evaluate model accuracy
    • Tune hyperparameters (custom training only)
  • Upload and store your model in Vertex AI.
  • Deploy your trained model to an endpoint for serving predictions.
  • Send prediction requests to your endpoint.
  • Specify a prediction traffic split in your endpoint.
  • Manage your models and endpoints.
Google Vertex AI tasks

When to use it

Currently we do not have the ML use cases which would require the use of Vertex AI, thus it has not yet been evaluated. In the future we will evaluate whether it should be used for managing our ML workflows.

How to learn it

Official documentaion