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What is it

Fivetran is a tool for automated data integration, Fivetran delivers ready-to-use connectors that automatically adapt as database schemas and APIs change. These off the shelf connectors remove the need of making in-house ingestion tools from operatinal data stores and APIs, to analytical databases such as BigQuery. The tool will on a schedule (minimum sync time 5min) read from sources and replicate data to the target analytical database.

Why we use it

The rationale around using this tool is all about saving time in building and maintaining inhouse-built ingestion frameworks. This tool should only be used when the costs of building and maintaining integrations to the analytical databases/mesh nodes significantally outdoes the one of the tool. Important to know is that this tool won't make make small event driven updates, it is mostly based on scheduling (although sync triggers can be be made through their API).

When to use it

In data ingestion to an analytical database such as BigQuery.

How to learn it

Fivetran's own documentation for getting started and more.