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Cloud Spanner


What is it

Cloud Spanner is a fully managed, distributed, relational database with support for multi-region replication.

When to use it

Use Cloud Spanner as the go-to choice for an operational database to provide persistence for a backend service.

App-specific instances

In accordance with the app-specific projects technique, use granular instance sizing to create a Spanner cluster specific to your application of an appropriate size.

Managed backups

When setting up a new sure to also configure managed backups.

How to learn it

Even though Cloud Spanner is an SQL-compliant relational database, it is implemented by a distributed storage system, which means that it's of the utmost importance to read the documentation to understand how to make use of this database in the best way.

Of extra importance are the best practices on how to design a schema that works well with the distributed database architecture of Cloud Spanner, as well as how to how to write efficient SQL queries.