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Intro to backend design

In this part of the backend onboarding guide, we'll create a domain model for the backend service, and we'll use Einride's backend engineering technologies to design and document an API and a database schema for the service.

As part of designing the API, we'll also be designing and documenting the service's access control model.

At Einride, we recommend gRPC for service communication, and we use protobuf to describe and document our APIs.

We recommend Cloud Spanner as main database technology for transactional customer data, which means that we'll be using Spanner DDL to create our database schema.

By the end of this part of the guide, we'll have created:

  • A domain model ER diagram
  • A protobuf representation of the domain model
  • A gRPC API for the freight service
  • A Spanner DDL representation of the database schema