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· 2 min read

This is - a technology-focused, public site with in-depth content written by engineers at Einride.

This site serves as a porthole into Einride's engineering organization, culture, values and ways of working.


This site is home to Einride's engineering blog, and public Tech Radar.


The blog contains stories from Einride engineers. It differs from the insights feed on the main site in that it has a much more narrow engineering audience, so that it can cover engineering-focused topics more in-depth.

For example, blog posts about open source software can assume that the reader is familiar with the basics of software engineering, and blog posts about ways of working can assume that the reader is already familiar with agile methods.

Tech Radar

The Tech Radar contains the latest edition of Einride's public Tech Radar. It documents Einride's current technology choices within several different engineering disciplines, and overall technology strategy,

Every blip on the radar has an accompanying article, documenting at a high level why the entry is on the radar and in which context it's meant to be used. Since these articles are public, they naturally avoid referencing internal details about Einride's infrastructure.


This post marks the beginning of this site. Stay tuned for stories from engineers across Einride's engineering organization, and check in from time to time to keep any eye on Einride's public Tech Radar!